Pure Bliss Ranch eco-projects

Pure Bliss Ranch is always taking time to look at ways that we can improve our grounds. There are several projects for which our team is always seeking donations and volunteers in order to provide a better experience for our guests. Please contact us to become involved with any of these exciting expansions.

Wind Mill Restoration

Nestled directly behind one of our stages and standing tall on the property is our wind mill. We are currently in progress with this project with plans for generating wind energy with the installation of a Bergey Excel 10 Wind Generator. We are always striving to be as sustainable as we can for ourselves and for the environment.

Organic Garden

Every year our family cultivates a garden using raised beds and other gardening styles to produce an abundance of organic crops. In our gardens we produce three sisters (corn, beans, and squash), carrots, kale and other leafy crops, tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, and much more.  We invite you to come join us in cultivating our gardens.


With an ever-growing Pure Bliss Family, we are always looking at new ways to create more comfort for our guests. One of our newest amenities includes compost-based outhouses.

Lighting the Forest Path

Throughout the grounds are 2.5 miles of paths winding through the trees and over the river that runs through. To create easier navigation our team plans to install solar lighting along the way.

Tire Wall

In an effort to guide our entrance, separate the garden, and support the foundation of a home, we plan to utilize a tire wall. We are implementing an "Earthship” construction technique, an eco friendly building technique, that will be utilized for future landscaping and building projects.

Get Involved

If you are interested in helping with these projects, please email volunteers(at)


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