Divine Spirits Wonderland

4 day soul revival, 3 nights of camping, ceremonies and performances, meditation, yoga, alchemy station, fire performers, workshops, sacred path forest, massage therapy, energy and sound healing, swimming, and fabric maze.

July 11-14, 2019

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Tickets are now available for $150.00 through Eventbrite.

  • Ticket price includes camping and music.
  • Online purchasers must bring Photo ID to will-call at the gate for wristband(s). Print out of online receipt preferred with ID.
  • This is a rain or shine event!
  • Attendees under 18 must be accompanied by parent or guardian. No ticket fee for ages 12 and under.
  • Subject to Terms & Conditions.


Check out Pure Bliss Ranch camping rules and regulations.

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Divine Spirits Wonderland 2019

Greetings Divine one.

For years now, you have been feeling the change in the energy, you have noticed consciousness expanding, veils getting thinner, the dreams of good vs evil have become a regular thing, that tiny voice inside you has been getting louder and calling you towards something unknown, something risky, something new. There is nothing this world has to teach you, you have been here before, you know the lands, the ways, and the energy. For you are not a truth seeker, you are a truth knower. You have learned nothing new on this planet during your life here at this time. Instead you have had your “a ha” moments that help you remember who you are. You are the keeper of the knowledge. You hold the stories of the Gods in your heart and truth in your head.

You are not alone, there are many of us out here. We too have been fighting our own wars, learning our own lessons, feeling alone in the world. We too have been asking the great question of “What’s next.” We have read the books, watched the movies, and dreamt the dream of an energy so powerful it will change the Universe as we know it. If used by the truth knowers, this energy can be used to increase the frequencies of the world to invoke health, balance, truth, peace, understanding, abundance, love, and compassion.

From the beginning of time Earth has been a strong conductor of energy. It has utilized its energy to maintain balance, create, evolve, and destroy. Nature has held records of this energy in the trees, crystals, soil, and water. As humans developed throughout history they have misused and mistreated Earth. While they tore down the forest to build cities, mined crystals for money, tainted the soil with their toxins, the Earth lost its knowledge, energy, and power. Earth as it is now, does not hold the same powers it once did. It does not hold the same knowledge. The pieces to the puzzle are missing. But you Divine one, have the power, the knowledge, and the energy to put the pieces back together. For the creator has entrusted you with the seed of life and the seed of knowledge. It has been instilled it in your internal coding and soul. Some of you have come from different worlds, galaxies, time lines, and/or dimensions. You have been encoded with new energy, not seen on this Earth. But one man alone can not hold this powerful energy to self. Instead creator hid a particle of the energy and knowledge in many, in hope that someday they knowers would find each other and activate the internal knowledge and energy within them. This is your place, this is your future, this is what you came to this Earth planet to do. For you are the changers of the world. You are the old, new, red, and blue merging together. This is where you belong.

Join us as we unite truth knowers, healers, energy holders, spiritual leaders, elders, and enlightened ones from all seven corners of the earth to engage, participate, explore, remember, and activate your internal energy. All activities are geared towards increasing helping you remember who you are and your mission on this Earth.

From the moment you touch the grounds of Divine Spirits Wonderland you will finally have a place to call “home.” We invite your crazy, your extreme, your truth!! We want you, the real, raw, uncut version of you. This is unlike any other gathering or festival. Divine Spirits Wonderland will be a one in a lifetime experience for most. It is an event to showcase all ethnic backgrounds, all ages, all beliefs. This is where science, meets religion, and religion, meets spirituality. Speakers, ceremony holders, artist, and entertainers from all around the world will be joining us to share moments together.