About Us

Pure Bliss Ranch is a camping and outdoor event center located in Waubun, Minnesota on the White Earth Reservation. The property consists of a 40-acre, family-operated homestead dedicated to planting the seeds of peace, health, and sustainability in our region. By using music and art to bring people together, we would like to promote a healthier lifestyle for those in our surrounding communities. We are working toward healthier living by growing much of our own food in our enormous organic garden, as well as by striving on a daily basis to live more sustainably and in harmony with mother nature. We are happy to offer our farm as a place to celebrate the beauty of music, art, and of life itself. Our event team is dedicated to bringing you 3 annual music and arts festivals that include Earthrhythms, Lunar Frequency, and Sunrise Gathering.

Join us along our expansive trails and paths ...or jump in the lazy river and cool off  ...or hike to our overlook to watch the sunset ...or discover the mysterious lights coming from our forest stage at night. There is much to explore for both mind and body at Pure Bliss Ranch.

Our Mission Statement

Creating a progressive model community based on culture, health, and sustainability.


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